Winter Build Comp


'Tis the season for building!
Introducing the Builder's Forge Winter Building Competition! 

This competition’s theme is Winter Wonderland, you will be building one structure that would fit into a wintery scene! Make sure you’re building alongside the judging criteria below! 

Judging Criteria:

- One building/structure

- Follows the Winter Wonderland theme.

- Detailing/overall appearance.

The judges for this competition will be:


Competition Rules:

All builds must fit inside the allotted 70x70 plots open at /warp BuildComp3. Any blocks outside of the plot will not be judged.

Mark your plot! Each plot is equipped with a sign for you to replace with your full Minecraft username.

Competitors are only allowed to build in 1 plot. Max of 2 competitors p/ plot. 
While you may throw in advice to others, do not break or place any blocks in any plot that is not your own.

Once the given time has finished, further building is prohibited. This competition is scheduled to last two weeks, starting 1pm CST December 18th, 2021 to 1pm CST January 1st 2022.

To make sure we have an even playing field, World-Edit and Armour Stand Tools (AST) will NOT be allowed for any competitor. 

**Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification from the event and possible further punishment.

Competition Prizes:

1st Place: 3 Months of Builders Forge Donator Perks as well as a Discord Badge

2nd Place: 2 Months of Builders Forge Donator Perks as well as a Discord Badge

3rd Place: 1 Month of Builders Forge Donator Perks as well as a Discord Badge

The Top 3 Competitors builds' will be featured on our website and social media 

*All prizes must be claimed through the Admin team, contact an Admin through discord or in game after the competition has ended!

If you have any questions regarding the competition or its rules/judging criteria, feel free to ask one of the judges.
Have fun!

- The Builders Forge Staff Team