This page showcases warped projects on the Builder’s Forge server!

  • /warp Spawn

    Spawn is the server hub and serves as the entrance to welcome new players to the server. The Spawn building is inspired/a near replication of the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. 
    Built by The Builder's Forge Staff Team
  • /warp Atarashi-To

    Atarashi-To is a Japanese influenced town built in 1:1. The town includes multiple pagodas, homes, gardens, and a large Japanese inspired castle in the back of the town. It is the first Warped Town built on the current Creative map.
    Built by krishwrld
  • /warp Dead_Man’s_Mesa

    Dead Man's Mesa is a 2:1, wild west inspired town. Grab train tickets and enter at your own risk! Shootouts and outlaws plague the town. It features a saloon, sheriff's office, saloon and mining camp.
    Built by Vexnorz
  • /warp Hyenaville

    Hyenaville is a 1:1 medieval town ruled over by King Poke. The town consists of a castle, church, market, fighting pit and many houses for its residents. The town was built from the ground up by King Poke and its subjects worship the King every day.
    Built by Pokemonfan215