By joining our community you agree to follow the rules as listed on this page.

    This list of rules is subject to change without warning.


    The rules in this section are enforced on all Builder’s Forge services.

    1) Harassment: Harassment of any member within our community, with or without intention, is strictly forbidden - hate will not be tolerated, whether targeted or implicit.
    2) Chat and Communication: Any extreme language, as well as NSFW (Not Safe for Work) videos and images are not to be posted on any Builder’s Forge pages/servers. Generally cursing is allowed as long as it is not intended to hurt other players or uses extreme slurs or curses. 
    Most players on Builder’s Forge primarily speak English. We are open to players from all around the world that speak different languages, however it is expected that all players are able to understand staff instruction given in English.
    3) Advertising: Advertising without the consent of an Admin on any platform related to Builder’s Forge is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.
    4) Impersonation: Impersonating other players is strictly forbidden
         - Impersonation of Staff members is prohibited
         - The use of alternative accounts or "alts" on any Builder's Forge service is not allowed
    5) Profiting: Using any server materials, imagery or builds in order to make profit is not allowed unless you have been granted the YouTube Creator rank or the TikTok Creator rank, as well as been granted permission from a server Admin.


    The rules in this section are enforced on the Builder’s Forge Minecraft server.


    1) Griefing: All forms of griefing are strictly forbidden and will result in a ban. 
    This may include but is not limited to:
         - The alteration of anyone's work without prior consent with or without malicious intent
         - The creation of imagery that is intended or is likely to offend others
    2) Mods: The use of malicious mods or clients is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.
    This may include but is not limited to:
         - Client side mods such as autoclickers, nukers and hacked clients such as Nodus or Wurst
         - If you are unsure whether a mod is allowed on the server, ask an Admin
    3) Nicknames: They must be similar and/or easily recognizable to your in-game name (IGN).
         - Do not make nicknames excessively long
         - Nicknames may not use formatting such as italics, bold, underline or obfuscation.
         - Nicknames may not be use solid Staff rank colours (Orange or Red). A mixture of Staff rank colours and other colours is allowed. If you are unsure whether a nick violates this rule, ask a Staff member.
    4) Teleportation Commands: Do not teleport to players without asking.
         - Using /tpo or /tppos to teleport to players without asking is not allowed
         - If you are unsure if a player is okay with being teleported to, ask them.
    5) Hacked/Exploited Items: Hacked/Exploited Items are strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.
         - Do not bring items/blocks that you cannot normally obtain onto the server
         - Items with NBT that can harm others or give unfair advantages (speed, jump etc.) are not allowed. If you find any such items, notify a Staff member. 


    The rules in this section pertain to building on the server.

    1) Building permissions: Do not build in others' projects without permission.
         - Failure to comply with this rule is considering as griefing.
         - This rule is still effective regardless of a project owner being banned or inactive. Ask an Admin if you would like to take over the project of a banned or inactive player.
    2) Building distance: Build at least 500 blocks away from existing cities or projects.
         - Exceptions are made to players who have started their cities 500 blocks apart and grown closer together and/or to players who have made individual agreements with each other regarding project distance.
    3) Stealing builds: Stealing player's builds for use on another server is strictly forbidden.


    The rules in this section pertain to the use of World Edit on the server.

    1) Asking Staff for World Edit: You may ask a Staff member for World Edit assistance in your projects, however Staff members are not required to perform World Edit at your request and may refuse to do so at any time.
         - Be respectful when asking for World Edit assistance
         - If a situation calls for World Edit to be used, (e.g. fixing a grief) Staff will not refuse
         - Know what you want the Staff member to do before asking for World Edit assistance


    When building on the survival map, similar to Creative, remember to stay at least 250 blocks from other peoples builds. Try to maintain distance from protected areas, such as spawn
    2) PvP (Player vs Player): Player combat is permitted! Players may kill and loot other players across the map.
           - Players are NOT allowed to loot/steal anything found in other people's houses/bases. This includes but is not limited to: Chests, barrels, blocks, items.
    3) Scattered across the map are several town POI’s, within each location are custom NPC characters, each with a different role.
           - NPC’s with an ORANGE name are quest NPCs, right click on them to start a quest.
           - NPC’s with a GREEN name are shop NPC’s, right click on them to open a Shop menu, where players can buy and sell items for money.
           - NPC’s with a GRAY username have neither of the above features, but still may be used in quests.
    4) Protected areas/ POI’s  will not allow PVP, building, or use of some items. If any problems or glitches occur, contact a staff member immediately.
    5) As of the release of Story Survival, access to the Nether or End dimensions is not permitted. (Don’t worry, stay tuned for future updates!)
    6) Teleportation of any kind is not permitted in Story Survival. This includes but is not limited to: /tp, /tpa, /sethome, /home.
           - An exception to the above is the command /home bed. This command is only enabled on the Story Survival map, and when used, will teleport the player to their last used bed.
    7) World-Edit and the Armour Stand Tools are not allowed on the Survival map. However, you may still use the Head Database (/hdb) to detail builds.

    8/20/2021 - Story Survival Rules Published.
    5/22/2021 - Added Rule 5) Hacked/Exploited Items under General Server Rules.
    5/18/2021 - Rules published.