The rules in this section are requirements for a warp.

1) Your city must be at least 500 blocks away from other cities/projects. Exceptions will be made for cities and projects that were 500 blocks apart but grew closer together.

2) General information about the city/project, must include include a sign stating the project owner and the project name

3) Three warp approval signs within the immediate area of the warp

4) If a texture pack is used, you must have a sign indicating the texture pack and where it can be found


These guidelines are factors that we recommend you consider when building your city/project as the Staff team looks out for things like this when reviewing your city/project for a warp.

Consistent Scale – Maintain a consistent scale throughout your city for a cohesive look

Design and Quality – Use depth and well chosen colour palettes to make creative and unique looking buildings.

Interiors – Furnish your builds with detailed and visually appealing furniture. While not required, we recommend at least the ground floor of all your buildings have some form of interior in them.

Detailing – Adding details such as street lights, road signs, bus stops, and AST adds to the atmosphere and builds the character of a city.

Landscaping – Including parks, gardens roadside vegetation, and trees all enhance the look of a city.

Lighting – Give thought to where and how your city is lit. Lighting can drastically change the mood and feel of a city.


When you feel you meet the rules & requirements for a warp, fill out the application below! Once you have three approvals, you will be given a warp to your project!

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